What Wito Hollow Farm can offer you and your puppy!



Crate Training

Making the crate your puppy's Happy Place

Crate Training is an essential aid in raising your puppy.  Having a puppy that will sleep through the night in a crate allows you to have a restful night sleep and keeps your puppy safe. Crate training helps to facilitate potty training by encouraging their natural instinct not to mess where they sleep. Having a puppy that is happy to go into their crate when you leave home keeps your puppy and your belongings safe while you are away. Crate training teaches your puppy how to enjoy time alone and encourages a relaxed behavior.  They learn to appreciate their down time in their crate.


Leash Work

Preparing for an evening stroll with you

Leash walking is a very stimulating experience for puppies.  They have to get used to their new harness, then we add in the leash.  They get to explore their environment and all the new sights, sounds and smells within it.  We make walking a positive experience that they love and look forward to.  When they arrive at their forever home they are ready to enjoy walks with you and show you their good manners.

Basic Commands

Paving the way to a kind companion.

Puppies are eager to learn and aim to please.  We teach them to respond to their name. We reward them for focusing on us and then build on that to respond to commands. They will work on "Sit", "Down", "Off", "Leave It", "Place", "Wait" and more. This process builds confidence and helps your puppy face the world.

sleeping puppies

Potty Training

Consistency is key

Potty Training is a challenge that all new puppy owners face. Wito Hollow Farm uses Consistency, positive reinforcement, Consistency, schedule, Consistency, environment, oh and a lot of Consistency to build a solid foundation for potty training.  Have you noticed a trend?  When your puppy comes home after training you will be given the tools you need to help your puppy go potty Consistently where you want them to go.


New Experiences Build Confidence

Puppy "socialization is the process of preparing a dog to enjoy interactions and be comfortable with other animals, people, places and activities." - American Veterinary Medical Association. At Wito Hollow Farm, we safely introduce our puppies to household noises, multiple types of flooring, different people, the trainers adult dogs and other animals, and the puppies that they are in training with. When the puppies are old enough and have had their vaccines,  we will take them to safe public places to increase their exposure and practice their skills in the presence of more distractions. While at Wito Hollow Farm, your puppy will be exposed to steps, a doggy door, vacuum, other animals, thunder, car rides, and endless other real life obstacles. This exposure at an early age, along with positive reinforcement, reduces any fear from manifesting.


Community Integration

The exploration of the world around them.

If your puppy is staying at training long enough to be protected by their vaccines, they will be safely introduced to community settings.  We take them for walks in the suburbs and build up to more urban settings. We go to stores that allow dogs and walk through parks. Experiencing things outside of their comfort zone, but in a safe way, builds confidence as they mature.

Good Manners

A great start to a well mannered puppy.

Impulse control, polite greetings, being able to entertain themselves, taking treats gently...all of this and more are traits of a well-mannered dog.  Positive reinforcement and consistency will shape your puppy into a dog that you are proud introduce to your family and friends. Starting this process young will give you and your puppy the tools needed to accomplish good manners in all different settings.

After your puppy completes one of our board and train programs they will come home with a bag of toys and a comfort aid stuffed animal.