At Wito Hollow Farm, we offer different types of training programs. Check out our Puppy Paws Programs and Pricing section below. This is where you can learn about what to expect with each of the different Puppy Paws Packages through Wito Hollow Farm. We accept puppies that are under 6 months old. Older puppies are accepted on a case by case basis. You must provide a clean health record and proof of vaccinations for training. If the puppy comes to Wito Hollow Farm for training we will work it out for the puppy to receive vet care and vaccine updates while they are in training


At Wito Hollow Farm we offer a different type of training for the puppies. We integrate the puppies into our home and I work with them everyday. They are trained in a home environment. They will know the comforts of a home right from the beginning.  Training is more realistic.  This in not a typical kennel environment like you would see at a boarding facility.  You can choose how long they will stay with us. They can stay anywhere from 2-10 weeks. If you do not want to do a board and train program we do offer private 1 hour training sessions.   We can adjust the time they stay to accommodate your family and your new puppy! Any of our programs will help your puppy start off on the right paw!     We will help coordinate transportation  from your breeder to training and again from training home to you.  We help you by taking some of the stress away of training a new puppy. If you are adopting a new puppy from a shelter or rescue we can discuss quarantine procedures and certain tests that need to be done before your puppy comes to training.  The health of your puppy, other puppies in training and my personal animals is very important.


If your puppy is coming directly from the breeder they will be taken to a veterinarian within a few days of arrival for a Well Puppy Check Up, flea and tick preventative, heart worm preventative, and will be kept up to date on vaccines while at training.

All puppies will receive a Comfort Stuffed Animal, Huggie Puppy or Snuggle Puppy, that will be used at training and then sent home with you. Your puppy will be sent home from training with a harness and leash, and a bag of toys.

Just prior to your puppy coming home to you, you will receive a going home letter, and it will include information on where your puppy is on training and how you can continue their training at home. It will give you instructions to facilitate a smooth and easy transition for you and your puppy. You will be walked through what your puppy's schedule has been while at training so that you can easily adjust them to your schedule. Your puppy will come home with a foundation set up for success. Once your puppy goes home to you I am just a phone call or text message away if you have any questions.

Ask us about our First Responders / Military Discount! We support all First Responders and Military! Thank you for your service!!

If you have questions you can email me at [email protected].




For Programs and Pricing Paying a Deposit will reserve your puppy a spot for training. Your deposit will be applied to the total price for your chosen training program. Deposits are refundable in case you decide to cancel training prior to your puppy arriving. 




Puppy Paws Home Visits & Training Sessions at your Home 


Home Visit Plus a Training Session- $100.00

 Training Session at Home- $75.00

Home visits are perfect for making sure your house and family members are ready for your new puppy. Along with going over puppy proofing your home, making recommendations on setting your home up for a new puppy,  we will also discuss basic puppy training to make sure everyone is comfortable with raising a new puppy.  We can do at home training sessions for 75.00 an hour or you can bring your puppy to Wito Hollow Farm for one of our other puppy paws training programs. If you are local to Wito Hollow Farm or if we deliver right to your door we will include your home visit with any of our training packages at no extra cost.

Puppy Paws 1

1 Hour Training Session at Wito Hollow Farm

$50.00 per Hour

Puppy Paws 1 is perfect for learning basic puppy commands or if you and your puppy need refresher training. In these 1 hour sessions at Wito Hollow Farm we will work one on one with the puppy and the owner teaching both basic puppy commands. You will learn to create a strong bond with your puppy during these sessions. Examples of basic commands are:  Name recognition, Come, Sit, Down, Leash Walking, Off, Leave it, and Place.  You will take what you learn here and practice it at home with your puppy.

Yoshi 2

Puppy Paws 2

Two Week Program

Total for Training: $1750.00

Deposit $500.00

Our 2 week option is perfect fit for some owners. If you are unable to get your puppy from the breeder at 8 weeks old due to scheduling conflicts, we will get your puppy started on training during that time. Two weeks is highly recommended if a puppy needs to be shipped via airline. This program will give time to get used to an airline crate and possibly get another vaccine administered prior to their flight. For the owners that would like to do their own training, but understand that the first few weeks can be quite challenging, our two week option can be a perfect fit. Your puppy will be given a good start that you can build on.

Puppies will be introduced to the crate. Most will be sleeping 4-5 hours at a time, some longer, without any accidents. We will begin the process of potty training. Your puppy will be introduced to leash walking, name recognition, “Sit” and “down” commands.

Puppy Paws 4

Four Week Program

Total for Training: $2650.00

Deposit $500.00

Each level of training builds on the last level. Puppies that train with Wito Hollow for 4 weeks have more exposure to leash work and their basic commands are more solidified. Puppies are more comfortable with the crate at this point and are typically sleeping 6-7 hours at night. They are introduced to daytime crating and can be left in their crate for 3-4 hours during the day. Potty habits are becoming more established. Negative behaviors that often start about this age, jumping and nipping, are discouraged and we focus on correcting them. Puppies are socialized with the world around them and other puppies at training.

Puppy group 2

Puppy Paws 6

Six Week Program 

Total for Training: $3550.00

Deposit $500.00

This program is our 6 week program. We focus on refining previously taught commands and introducing more advanced commands. Leash work becomes more refined. We begin allowing more supervised freedoms within our home to be able to reinforce good manners. As puppies mature and build confidence, negative behaviors can present themselves. We work continually to correct these and establish good behaviors and habits. We continue to use positive reinforcement, a consistent schedule and an appropriate environment for further potty training progress.


Puppy Paws 8

Eight Week Program

Total for Training: $4550.00

Deposit $500.00

With an 8 week program at Wito Hollow Farm your puppy will come home nearly potty trained. With a consistent schedule, you will have success. Your puppy will be walking nicely on the leash, proficient with basic commands and have good manners. You will be able to welcome your puppy to your home with the typical challenges of the first few months behind you. They will still be puppies and will require a level of supervision.

Your puppy will receive the last of their “puppy shots” about this time. They will be covered by these vaccines two weeks later. The socialization of puppies receive in the Wito Hollow Farm environment will be preparing them to venture out into the world around them.

Puppy Paws 10

Ten Week Program

Total for Training: $5500.00

Deposit $500.00

This program is our 10-week program. Your puppy will come home to you ready to be a member of your family without the challenges of puppyhood. At four and a half months your puppy will be covered by their vaccines and ready to safely explore the world with you. They will be proficient in basic commands and leash walking. Your puppy will exhibit good manners. This option is ideal for owners who live in environments without a yard. Your puppy will now be safe to walk in other areas like dog parks, community parks, doggie day care, and other pet friendly centers. 

Puppy/Dog Boarding for Graduates

$40.00 per day

All puppies that have been in a program here at Wito Hollow Farm are welcome to come back for boarding when you want to go on vacation. Board your puppy or dog in an in home environment and not your typical dog kennel.  Your dog or puppy will not be stressed when they come back to stay with us. They will have unlimited play times with other puppies and dogs! No extra cost! They will even get some refresher training while here for boarding.   They are already familiar with the routine here at the farm.    Make sure you contact Wito Hollow Farm to make arrangements ahead of time.   We book up quickly for boarding!

We can extend or shorten your puppy's training as needed! Ask the trainer about other weekly training options! We work with you and your puppy depending on your needs and your puppy's need for training!

All Puppies Leave Paw Prints on Our Hearts!

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"My sister recommended Wendy to me to start training my new puppy back in May. He was okay with sit, but wasn’t privy to any other command. Not only was Wendy great with Rhaegar (yes we are Game of Throne nerds) but she was great with us which was important to me. I want to feel comfortable with who trains me dog and feel like I trust the trainer. She is Amazing. Rhae is obsessed with her but also knows he better listen to her. He has learned simple commands ASAP, and even the harder ones he learned pretty quickly. We have gone to her (gorgeous) farm for training, and she has come to us as well. Her knowledge of dogs and training is impeccable and I will be taking my dog to her as long as possible!"


"We picked up our amazing puppy Rocky after 6 weeks of training with Wendy. Wendy was kind enough to tailor the perfect date and location for us to meet, which helped start our transition perfectly. Wendy brought a bag full of goodies for Rocky to go home with, and make him comfortable. She gave us a full list of instructions plus walked up through everything over the phone and then again in person (Rocky is our first puppy). Rocky was only 3 months, but had learned to potty outside, and only had a couple of accidents, which were entirely my husbands fault (he agrees). Rocky understood instructions well from day one, and has continued to grow based on the strong foundation Wendy created. Wendy reached out several times the first few days to make sure we were comfortable, and let us know she was available any time. We can't thank Wendy enough for all she has done for our family!!"


"We brought home Mimi last Thursday after 6 weeks of training with Wendy. For context, we had 3 prior golden puppies that we brought home after 8 weeks and no training. What a difference!! Mimi has been calm and listens to most of our commands (she is a puppy). Has slept through the night since she came home and no accidents. Has met several other dogs and has no fear (result of training with two others). Very glad we opted for training!"

Puppy group